Creating a Central and Contiguous Digital Repository of Irish-Language Media Within Library of Congress Standards


Document written originally as a proposed starting solutions to media non-contiguity of Gaeilge (ISO 639-3=gle) multimedia material.

A 2013 foreword of introduction is given here based on the fact that the Linked Web of Data has become developed from conception at that stage to a relatively mature field of research and real-world development.


  • Country: Ireland
  • Type: text
  • Format: text/plain - charset=us-ascii
  • Language: en
  • DataProvider: Ard-Media
  • Subject: Gaeilge, Linked Data, Archiving
  • Coverage: Galway, Ireland, Library of Congress, Washington D.C.
  • Creator: Ard-Media
  • Date: 17/11/2007
  • Publisher: ICM Ard-Media
  • Year :2007

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