How to learn, how to speak!

What kind of tricks/hacks are out there and work?

There are many polyglot-evangelists to watch out for who go to a lot of trouble to let you in on their tips and tricks. The type of people who’ve learned to speak not one, two or three new languages fluently, but ten and twenty.
Like our very own Benny Lewis from Cavan who set up his Fluent in 3 Months website to journal his ever increasing list of global language adventures and also to provide a view of his language worldview.
This involves everything from simple tricks and tips for learning a new language, or “language hacks” as he calls them, prejudices we have that hold us back from learning a language and insights from other polyglots and encounters with languages themselves.


A general philosophy that is very simple and increasingly accepted among the language-learning community: language learning is something you do by doing. You work with what you have while you study, be it on your own at home or in school. Think of learning the guitar by reading about it? By listening? They’re both central but the key element is doing! And so it goes with language too.


Learning tips: we recommend you do 45 minutes every day. You might say, I don’t have that to spare every day. But think about it. What day do you not have 5 minutes here and 20 minutes there? It’s like learning an instrument. Maybe you had this experience in primary school where your music teacher always emphasised this. 


Free reading, writing, listening aids: everyone uses them!
There’s a lot of technology out there you can use. You use technology to write in your mother tongue. For a new language, technology is even more useful. We’ll show you how best to use what’s there.

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